Henrik Valeur
creative director


Skype: uidhen

+45 20 667 667 (DK)
+86 138 1678 1309 (CN)

Henrik Valeur (born 1966) graduated in 1994 from the School of Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, with preceding studies at Escola Tcnica Superior d'Arquitectura/Enric Miralles in Barcelona. He then worked briefly for the Office for Metropolitan Architecture/Rem Koolhaas in Rotterdam. In 1997 Henrik Valeur founded UiD. He was also among the founding initiators of Irma+, a co-founder of CoMa and the curator of CO-EVOLUTION. Henrik Valeur is especially interested in the potential of process thinking and the possibility of supporting a diversity of lifestyles through new design concepts and new tools of planning. He has lived and worked as an architect in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Rotterdam and Shanghai.
CV 01.02.2008 [240K] and Henrik Valeur

Fredrik Fritzson
managing director


Skype: uidfre

+46 70 401 7197 (S)
+45 26 586 242 (DK)

Fredrik Fritzson (born 1971) was educated at the Lund institute of Technology in Sweden and at Escuela Tècnica Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona. He studied Art history at Uppsala University and litterature at Lund University. From 1999 to 2003, he worked for Metro Arkitekter in Malmö, an architecture firm that focuses specifically on urban and infrastructural conditions. Fredrik Fritzson has lectured at the Schools of Architecture in Lund, Copenhagen and Barcelona and is currently teaching at the SLU, School of Landscape Architecture in Malmö. Fredrik Fritzson is co-founder of CoMa. In 2003 he founded UiD in Sweden. Fredrik Fritzson is also active within theater and film.
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Bernhard Snizek
Bernhard Snizek was born in Vienna 1974 and educated at the University of Agricultural Sciences Vienna in Vienna , The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, both in Copenhagen. Bernhard Snizek was employed as a teacher at the Unit of Landscape (RVAU) and as a research assistant at the Danish Insitute for Forest & Landscape, developing a tool for 3D visualisation of afforestation in Denmark. Bernhard Snizek is founder of metascapes.dk, a digital landscape architecture studio, cooperating with scientist, artists and teaching units.

Jonas Rune Sangberg
Jonas Rune Sangberg (born 1977) has a diploma in Urbanism and Landscape from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen. He has worked for the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam and various architectural offices in Copenhagen. Together with the architect Dan Stubbergaard, he has recieved a number of awards in both danish and international competitions. During 2002 Jonas Rune Sangberg travelled extensively in China, to study the phenomenon of urban growth in cities like Beijing and Shanghai and in the Pearl River Delta region. The results of these studies were included in the exhibition Image City, 2003.

Björn Gröhn
Björn Gröhn (born 1966) is an electrical engineer educated at Lund Institute of Technology. He has worked as a photografer and is currently employed at Axis Communications in Lund, working with wireless applications. Björn Gröhn has also worked as a sound technician in various music and theatre productions. He is also a musician and plays in several bands.