CHECK-IN Öresund © CoMa 2004

Multimedia exhibition produced by CoMa
DAC | Danish Architecture Centre Copenhagen
26 March - 09 May 2004
Every day 10.00 - 17.00

The Oresund region is a new urban region. What is an urban region, and how do we exploit the potentials of the new dynamic and heterogeneous environment?

The exhibition consist of 5 video projections and a number of large panels. It also includes a conference on urban planning in the Öresund region.

Should the region integrate two nations?
... or many nationalities?

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invitation flyer [280KB] pdf
exposé [480KB] pdf

Fonden Realdania
Region Skåne
Kungliga akademien för de fria konsterna
Dansk Arkitektur Center

undercover.CoMa © CoMa 2003

Sound installation designed by CoMa for the international art exhibition Under Cover
Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde
22 March - 25 May 2003

In contrast to previous forms of long-distance communication, modern telecommunications have made it possible to communicate directly in ordinary language, providing users with a sense of being together even though they may be in fact quite far apart from one another. It does, as the commercial states, make the globe smaller. But on the other side, next door neighbors may no longer speak in the same language. In spite of the fact, that we have more communication going on now than ever, nothing seems to suggest, that we understand each other better.

Behind fake ceilings in two adjacent phone booths, 2 soundtracks with fragments of fictitious phone conversations in various languages, are played in displaced loops, continuously making new sound images of voices talking to themselves, talking together or talking all at once.


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invitation [16KB] pdf
explanatory [88KB] pdf

Museum of Contemporary Art

region.CoMa © CoMa 2002

Multimedia exhibition designed by CoMa
Form/Design Center Malmö
12 April - 12 May 2002


The exhibition consist of an online computer, a sound image and 4 video projections. It also include a 26 page web catalogue, a seminar on regional urbanity and a guided bus tour around the Öresund region.


catalogue [4.2MB] pdf
catalogue [4.2MB] pdf
explanatory [1.1MB] pdf
invitation [1.0MB] pdf
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Public debate
introduction [40KB] pdf
introduction [40KB] pdf

Form/Design Center
Danish Ministry of Culture
Metro Arkitekter AB

sim.CoMa © CoMa 2001

Interactive course in urban planning designed by CoMa for The Evening School, an art project by Goll & Nielsen.
Gallery Signal, Malmö
07 September 2001


The strong political and economic interests invested in the development of the Öresund Region establish a rather homogenous image of the region and its future, but many other players are involved in this development. Through the simulation of alternative development models the course/game seeks to stimulate an open debate among representatives of various voices and experiences in the region.

Sim.CoMa is based on the computer game SimCity 3000 World Edition. Participants play a prepared scenario for the Oresund Region starting in the year 2000.

Download the game ... and test your own vision for the region.

See the full Evening School Program


The Evening School
Danish Ministry of Culture

KOM.CoMa © CoMa 2001

3 multi-media installations designed by CoMa for the Art and Mobility (KOM) event
Mozarts Plads
21 September - 05 October 2001

The area around Mozarts Plads is one of the poorest in the Oresund region. The 3 installations are intended to form juxtapositions of opposing realities. They are integrated into the information planes which frame contemporary urban spaces. Communication with the users of Mozarts Plads is thus achieved by manipulating their accustomed surroundings.